Scenes from a set : Danielle Dilworth

June has been a bittersweet month for me since 2012 . Besides the fact that as a Gemini , the thought of getting older terrifies me , it’s also a reminder that certain friends are no longer here to celebrate in life & life’s accolades . This June has been an interesting one none the less , I’m older of course but I feel more confident and it seemed to happen overnight lol . There’s also been a shift in my thinking and within that shift of thinking , the results have been very positive lately . I honestly think that one of attributes to this shift has been the influence and friendship of , Danielle Dilworth , one half of my go to muses and a star in her in own right ( a 22k instagram following , a National Muscle Milk commercial , and D&A contract) . We met through a makeup artist and hit it off immediately , I appreciate her carefree positive thinking (it’s contagious), no nonsense demeanor and the fact that she’s always brought me on board for quality projects . It’s rare to meet someone in the industry who keeps their word and is consistent in their character but she’s been the real deal . So when she told me she’d be moving to New York to further her career , I of course was sad but I def understood the move and supported it 100% . Before she left though she wanted to shoot some more looks for her portfolio so I of course was game.  I pulled pieces from Nasty Gal , Rag & Bone , and Levi’s , and grabbed some accessories from the archive . We didn’t have a specific theme set , but based on our previous experiences I knew we’d produce some great stuff organically and that’s exactly what happened. Shooting her would be photographer DHinez (a  star in his own right too ) & probably the most underrated makeup artist in town , Sera Curran.

We had such a good time on set shooting and laughing that we went on till 3am , and just based on the raw images , it’s some of my best work styling wise and as a creative director . I’m lucky I got to kick off this month in such an awesome way and continue my self made promise of expanding my creative horizons . It was a great send off to Dani’s new endeavors in New York and of course bittersweet but knowing Danielle , I know we’ll be back on set again for something great sooner than I think.

Summer of Style

Before this Summer officially began I had promised myself to dedicate it to solely fostering and growing my creative endeavors. I was becoming overworked by my daytime job ( which was only suppose to be part time) and I had bad taste in my mouth from a rather disappointing publishing deal ( it sucks when work your’re really proud of gets a lackluster push – the irony lol). So back in May I put my promise into action , I had decided to start with a fresh update to my styling portfolio . I hadn’t been on set in a few months and I really did miss it , the only problem was my go to photographer had retired for good. The city where I’m based isn’t the best city to work ( as in get paid) consistently as a fashion stylist , it’s no secret that I’ve been somewhat disillusioned in my experiences here and I’ve become very weary of working with new people. I thought of what a mentor & fellow stylist had once told me, she advised to go outside my comfort zone and take chances , lower the walls , you never know where it may lead , (Sounds Cliche but it’s a simple truth a lot of us don’t listen to) so finally I decided to finally head that advice ( Thanks Shun!) .  I contacted a photographer (Robert Tremaine) I had been following on social media for a while , I genuinely like his work and we arranged a shoot with my two favorite muses ( Dani & Britt) , an amazing hair stylist (Erin) I met from a book cover shoot as well as a makeup artist (Markesha) Robert brought in. I also wanted to challenge my own parameters as a stylist , I departed from my usual 80s Drug Dealer Chic ideas , and pulled more classic pieces from top notch brands like BCBG Max Azria , Ralph Lauren , Hugo Boss , For Lemons and Love , and Saint Laurent Paris.  Once everyone arrived to set everything went off without a hitch. It was good to be back in my element and have an overwhelmingly positive experience , even though I miss working with my usual crew , I know that to truly grow you have to take more chances and that’s what I promised myself.