All is Better in Black Pt.3

Dani , Katie , Britt , and now Ash . I’m almost through shooting all of the original Lyons Girls for my coffee table book ( Just got to shoot Betty for the book’s cover in Jan and I will have completed the set lol) . September and the beginning of this month were rough personally for me,due to a loss in my intermediate family but I allowed myself the time I needed to grieve and now I’m back hitting the ground running . So what better way than to do that then by starting somewhere familiar and nostalgic and for me that was with model , Ashley Perriloux . I finally caught her when she was in town and it had a been a while since we worked on something together so the timing was perfect and aligned amazingly. I pulled pieces from Ralph Lauren , Nasty Gal , and Motel as well as some 70s vintage jewelry.  I also got to test a new make up artist Jolie Jade who vibed with us instantly . The shoot went off without a hitch and I easily got the shots of Ashley I needed for the project , It felt great to be back in my element and to be off & running again.


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