All is better in Black

When I’m not in stores doing pulls , or borrowing my day jobs steamer to prep what I pulled , or actually on set styling or creative directing . I’m usually at home in my office banging out the first draft of my horror novel ( I got out of my old publishing deal and secured a handshake deal with a new publishing house! ) But I’ve also been quietly planning and shooting another kind of book , a coffee table project focusing on youth , beauty , and my favorite fashion statement , the timeless all black look

So in between drafts of my new novel , planning this past Sundays shoot session had been almost equally stressful. If it had to be rescheduled AGAIN ( 3 times previously it had been set up) I probably would have just given up ( but only for a month or so till the craving of creativity called me back) .  It felt like the universe was working against me this time , everyone involved has limited and selected schedules , one model was iffy about coming off from her hiatus , and the city we’re all based in had just experienced the worst flooding disaster in history ( Thankfully everyone was safe and made it through fine , The Universe was never against me and how sobering it was to reflect on that) . So when Saturday night came upon me and no one texted to cancel and the weather report said it would be sunny the next day I knew things were getting back to normal.

I think I was overly anxious for this particular shoot because of the nostalgic aspect of it , my two original muses , the OG Lyons Girls , Katie Stanford & Brittany Fague were reuniting on this one and we hadn’t all been on the same set together since a magazine editorial a couple years ago before Katie took a hiatus to start her family. Katie and I reunited recently on a shoot but Brittany had to taken her own hiatus in April so getting her to come out of retirement for this project took some coaxing but it finally happened , and once we all got into our usual modes I realized things really hadn’t changed except for the location , photographer , and of course concepts . There was the usual shit talking , champagne , and laughs , not to mention me getting their shots within ten frames each. The whole experience has me excited for our other frequent collaborator , Michael Montoya to come out of his own retirement and start shooting again . Joining them was a new model , Anthony Shane I had came across on Instagram . For some reason finding a consistent , professional , punctual , and personable male model in Houston has been somewhat of a challenge (aside from Taj my other go to male model ). Usually if Taj is unavailable I’ve had to book out from LA. But Anthony arrived on time and got along great with everyone , and I got the shots I needed from his within the first ten frames. I’m exicited to collaborate with him again .I pulled staple pieces and some cool statement ones as well from Bellfield , H&M , Asos , Nasty Gal , Puma , Dolls Kill , Buscemi and Mara Hoffman.

Finally the person who sort of has been the secret force in pulling back into styling and ultimately provided me with so many new opportunities ( that will tie into the project this shoot was for )  is of course makeup artist and photographer , Sera Curran. I think the most exciting thing about this shoot was the representation of the nostalgia ( Brittany & Katie ) meeting with the present , Sera . I was really excited for them to mesh and create this new work ethic , and it worked out great apparently . Brittany is coming back for at least one more shoot ! I should have never doubted , The Universe lol.


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