Scenes from a set : Samara Zuckerbrod x Sera Curran

I think photographer / makeup artist Sera Curran & I ( mainly Sera) are beginning to get our collaborations down to science, seriously everything about this Sunday shoot went off and wrapped without a hitch. Despite Houston’s notorious bi-polar weather ( a potential thunderstorm looming over our location and almost unbearable humidity) and the trek over into a construction lot which may have been considered trespassing , there weren’t any warning signs (so go for it). I had already had a look pulled consisting of pieces from Nasty Gal and Rag & Bone as well as accessories from Han Cholo , Asos , Topshop , and Ambush. This look was originally set for a on location shoot at Harley Davidson but the model booked for that flaked the day of , Intuitively I held on to it just in case we rescheduled, I thought it was a fun simple look but with the right model it would have a slight edge to it. My intuition was right , Sera brought in a young model from Page Parkes , Samara Zuckerbrod¬†with a look as unique as her name. Not only is Samara tall, stunning , and exotic but she’s personable , fun , and down to earth as well as her sister , Tara who did Samara’s hair for the shoot ( flawlessly I might add) . Sera always thinking about enhancing and going bigger had a friend bring in his motorcycle and race car as props , I tend to overthink and worry about all the possibilities that could go wrong but I have to say the excitement and positive energy from this shoot was contagious , everything flowed evenly and smoothly , all of Samara’s shots were usable and like I said before , Sera ( and myself when I’m not overthinking & worried about what could go wrong lol) has got it down to a science.



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