Scenes from a set : Bri Garza x Sera Curran pt.2

Leave it up to make up artist / photographer , Sera Curran to lead us back to the essence of what a Summer in 1987 might be like , in the most authentic way possible . Sera had some unique on location concepts in mind for her next portfolio shoot and one of those was a 70s disco inspired roller rink shoot , finding authentic wardrobe wouldn’t be too challenging , I knew of a great thrift store that’s remained relatively untouched by all of the faux tumblr hipsters & social media vintage dealers. But as far as location , that would be a challenge …or so I thought, Sera of course, rose to the occasion and found the perfect place , Dairy Ashford Roller Rink, and got approval to shoot within a week of her discovery. We were set for Thursday evening , the lovely Bri Garza , once again joined us along with hair stylist, Lindsey Sepulveda ( who’s been an awesome addition to our team , she had me cracking up hysterically throughout the shoot). With some incredible vintage finds from the secret thrift spot , I also pulled some 80s inspired pieces from Fear of God , American Apparel , Topshop , and Nasty Gal  (the roller rink has an active arcade framed in neon signs , I had to) . Upon entering the rink , it was like instantly stepping foot into the decade I’ve only gotten to know and yearn for through John Hughes Movies and Prince , Billy Idol , & Vanity songs  . The flashing neon lights , faded yellow food court tables , the animated and eccentric carpeted walls , the prize wall adorned with giant stuffed animals and other novelties , and of course the arcade . We immediately began shooting under the fluorescent ambiance of the arcade entrance then traveled to Sera’s era of choice ( and staying true to the original concept), the 70s , shot on the actual rink in the midst of carefree skaters ( some who clearly came of age in the decades we were emulating , I envied them in that way). After we wrapped shooting , we ordered food and hung out in the food court laughing , watching other people have a good time , and enjoying the DJ’s mix of 80s hits. This summer has been full of opportunity and good times , I sometimes day dream about what a summer would have been like for me if I had came of age in the 80s , the opportunity to at least get a glimpse of that presented itself and it was priceless. Thank you to the owner , Michelle for allowing us to bring our vision for this project to life , and also go back in time for little bit.


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