Scenes from a set : Bri Garza x Sera Curran

As I’ve stated in my past two entries of my blog reboot , I’m dedicating this summer to solely expanding and pursuing my creative talents . I had always been a big believer in manifestation but sometimes in life you get sidetracked , well I’m back on track and my beliefs not only in the power of positive thinking but also in meeting genuine talented people has been fully restored.

Coming off of our last shoot with Danielle (shout out to Dani who linked us up , your are greatly missed! We Love you but I know your killing it in NY), makeup artist Sera Curran and I were anxious to collaborate again , I’ve not only been writing my horror novel ( with a new publishing house!) but also working on another kind of book , a coffee table project ( that’s all I’ll say for now) . I had arranged a shoot for this particular project but the model suddenly became unavailable and so I thought I’d just have to wait till next month to start on this project . That was not the case , Sera recommended we salvage the day and time set aside with her muse , Bri Garza¬† a lovely , youthful , and stunning model from the Neal Hamil Agency. There was that manifestation working itself out , a new opportunity presenting itself from original plans gone wrong. I’ve learned sometimes those type of opportunities end up being better that what you may have originally conceived and in this case it exceeded that . Sera isn’t just an excellent make up artist with top notch standards and quality , she’s also very passionate and has a great eye for art direction , her and Bri have such a great working chemistry . I brought in a bunch of vintage pieces including an awesome biker jacket , silk shirt , and a killer wool hoodie from an underground street wear brand , Granted.

I put Bri in the specific looks I wanted for my coffee table project and I got my shots of Bri in less than 10 frames ! She is an effortless and natural model , a rarity in the sea of social media. We then headed to some on location spots and Sera shot some awesome looks for her portfolio , I loved watching these two work together , when so many around me are retiring , over it , or moving on from their initial dreams , I’m lucky to be back in the presence of those that are pursuing theirs with passion and ambition.

There’s a quote by Charles Bowden regarding Summertime and I think it truly pertains to the work and friendships that have developed so far . We have our shoots in July booked already!

Summertime is always the best of what might be.”



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